Special Projects:  One of a Kind

I am always looking for a challenge.  I take orders for a variety of special projects and specialize in one-of-a-kind designs.  Some projects include pillows, curtains, duvet covers, napkins, and table runners.  Email me to discuss your ideas.  

Timeless Home

Christel Claunch of Timeless Home wanted to update the counter at her business.  Christel picked out the fabric, they confirmed measurements, and I constructed a skirt.
Timeless Home

Christel Claunch of Timeless Home asked me to make pillows out of fabric she purchased.  These yellow square and rectangle pillows will look great on a grey couch.
Large Roman Shade

A client contacted me to dress her kitchen table window with a relaxed Roman shade.  This large custom covering  measures 90" x 69" and is lined with white fabric to match the exterior window trim.
Narrow Roman Shade

The same client wanted a matching relaxed Roman shade for her kitchen sink window.  This narrow custom cover measure 48" x 58" and is lined with white fabric to match the exterior window trim.


Dublin Special Olympics contacted me to make the prizes for their first annual SOAR 5 K on March 9, 2013.
   These picture frames were a project the Olympic team created to give to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Coach Krista said these were a hit!


First place runners took home this fleece combo to keep them warm weather they are running, walking, or hiking.


Second place runners took home a Failte sign and a loaf of fresh Irish soda bread in a cloth napkin lined decorative basket.  What does Failte mean?  "Welcome" in Irish.


Third place runners took home rice bags that can be heated or chilled to relieve aches and pains that occur when exercising. A chocolate sucker never hurts...especially after a long run!

Salsa to Irish

Two moms purchased salsa dresses and asked me to turn them into Irish step dancing dresses. I removed the nude colored lining and replaced it with each girl's favorite color, added ruffles to make the dresses 4" from the knee, and removed the tassels beading. These dresses usually cost $3,000.00. The moms paid a fraction of that and supported a local small business.

Memory Lane

A mother contacted me to turn her son's high school and college T-shirts into a memory quilt. We met to discuss the layout and to pick the materials to finish the project. Her son was thrilled and touched by this unique keepsake from his youth.
Buckeye Boy

A grandmother wanted an OSU button down short sleeve shirt for her grandson. She purchased the fabric and I turned it into a young boy’s fashionable fan gear!

Positively Plaid

A grandmother was in search of a simple plaid button down shirt for her grandson. After search all the local department store she contacted me for help. She picked out plaid fabric in her grandson's favorite color and I made the shirt just in time for Christmas Day.
Snowflake Dancer

A mother and her daughter saw the 5T snowflake dress on the website and asked if I could make it in a 8-10.  It is now ready for the holiday show at Indian Run Elementary on December 5th!

Star Wars for a Teen

A grandmother wanted her grandsons to have Star Wars pj pants for Christmas.  I had a size 8 for the youngest grandson and planned on buying more for her teen grandson.  When she went to purchase the fabric, though, it was gone.  I did find another Star Wars print that had a comic strip print.  With grandma's approval, I will be making a teen size for her teen Jedi!

Nutcracker Nightgown

A grandmother saw the Nighttime with the Nutcracker nightgowns with trim.  She wants her granddaughter to have a yellow nightgown with long sleeves and trim for a Christmas gift.  I purchased the fabric and trim, and the project is getting started!

Extra Fabric

I had enough extra fabric and trim to make a doll nightgown to make the girl's nightgown!

Horsing Around

A mother wanted a nightgown for her daughter in a size 10.  I went to purchase fabric and the print requested was sold out.  Via cell phone pictures we found a new print that her daughter will surely love!
Horsing Around Doll

This 18" doll night gown is a mini replica of  the above girl's night gown.  With a little extra trim your daughter can have a matching set.
Cute Cousins

A mom contacted me to make matching pajama bottoms for her daughter and nieces and their 18" dolls. What a cute octet!

Go Broncos! 

A mother contacted Sunnybrook Studio after seeing the Buckeye skirt for the 18" doll and asked if a skirt could be made in Denver Bronco colors.  This Christmas gift was delivered before Thanksgiving!

Little Red

A mom wanted a cape for her daughter's 18" doll.  She let me know what color and completion time.  This gift is sure to please this Christmas.  We at Sunnybrook Studio can almost hear the squeals right now!
Blue Velvet

A mom wanted a blue "velvet" dress for her daughter's 18" doll.  She let me know what color and completion time.  Sunnybrook Studio thinks this doll will be the shiniest 18" at the New Year's Eve ball!
Christmas Gifts

Parents contacted me to replicate their daughters' outfits for tap dance competition and tae kwon do.  With a few photographs from the parents I created these 18' doll outfits for a very Merry Christmas for the Lawrence girls.
Sweet Sisters

An aunt contacted me to make night gowns for her nieces as Christmas gift.  These 15" dolls are all ready for a cold winters night...sweat dreams!


A mom bought a Christmas skirt from the Nutcrakcer Collection, but her daughter likes Olivia the pig.  Since the 18" skirt wouldn't fit Olivia, I designed an evening gown that would!  All I needed was Olivia and her red dress for a few hours.  Olivia is very excited to celebrate this year! We at Sunnybrook Studio think she looks smashing!

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